Thalassemia Society Bowling, Talk, AGM meeting 
Sunday, Jan 28th 

Hello everyone,

We have had a great response to our event. 50 people have shown interest in our AGM, Talk, bowling and belated Christmas party.

I am also happy to  announce that beside our honorary BOD member, Dr. John Wu, we will have Dr.Merkeley, Heather, Kathy and Nina from both Children and St. Paul hospitals.

Thank you all!

Few points to share with you:

1)      Parking is free, but you need to ask for free ticket/decal from reception for your car

2)      Of course HOLDOM skytrain is in walking distance from the Rev’s bowling

3)      We have 4 lanes reserved for us, each up to 6 players. So we will group interested parties to maximize

4)      We will have game and lunch between 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Try to be early to pick up your bowling shoes ( you need them to play)

5)      At 3:00 pm we will gather in the meeting room to listen to Lily who will share her experience from the recent TIF conference and Dr. John Wu on any medical updates

6)      Next we will have Chair and Treasurer’s short reports, followed by BOD election for 2018-2019

7)      Note that there are gifts from the Society for patients and Siblings.

8)      Bring your high spirit, fun and smile . Everything else is looking after! J

Looking forward to seeing you all,



Medical Update

Dr. John Wu
Medical update on treatment of Thalassemia

Beta-thalassemia - past, present and future

Date: June 11, 2017
Time: 2:00pm
Location: BC Children Hospital, Room 3D16

Past Even, AGM

Our annual meeting was held on Sunday, February 19th  3:00 pm. at BC Children's Hospital with a total of 18 attending, including the board members. Sera Sammarco, the President, presented group activities in the past year and then Wilson Ma, Treasurer, provided financial report and budget for the next year. The financial report was passed by the attending members. We also had a productive discussion of the future of the group moving forward.  The general consensus was to focus on three areas:

1) Patient needs (this should come from the patients)
2) Parent’s needs (awareness and newest developments from the medical field)
3) Closer collaboration with hospital staff and doctors

Next new Board of Directors was elected (please refer to BOD page) and AGM meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.